Saint Nicholas Church

Church of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Church original site was approximately 2km north of Henton Cottage on Old Coast Road.
An interesting reminder of the early days is the historic Church of Saint Nicholas.

Built by James Narroway in 1840's circa as a small workman's hut where he lived with his wife Sarah. Later in 1848, it was used for a church and on the festival of Saint Nicholas in 1993, the church became a parish in it's own right then converted to a Congressional Chapel by John Allnutt (whose home can be seen nearby) prior to 1860's and dedicated to the Church of England in 1915. Made of Jarrah and measuring only 3.8 × 6.7m, it claims the distinction of being the smallest church in Western Australia. It was the only building then available for settlers to use as a place of worship.


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